Ensuring Fair Access to Timely Justice

As Chief Justice, Cheri Beasley is responsible for making sure every North Carolina court has the tools they need to run smoothly and ensure greater access to swift and fair justice for all North Carolinians.  That’s why her top priority is to better address the needs of everyday people, no matter where they live or who they are, by: 

  • Using technology to modernize the court system. eCourts will connect more than 300 court facilities and replace a 40-year old operating system. Online court services, access to files and improved payment options will remove barriers to access for all North Carolinians.
  • Increasing access to recovery courts that help people get treatment when they need help. Just 23 counties have these courts, but addiction is a statewide problem, and drug and mental health recovery courts are needed in every county. 
  • Building School Justice Partnerships that bring together judges, educators, law enforcement, and community stakeholders to collaborate and begin thinking differently about student misconduct to help keep young people in their classrooms and out of the courts.
  • Launched the Faith and Justice Alliance, bringing together faith leaders and the legal community to bring legal services into communities that often face barriers to accessing our courts.

Providing Strong Leadership for an Effective Judicial Branch

As Chief Justice, Cheri Beasley leads the entire judicial branch of government – that’s more than 6,500 elected officials and employees.  She’s working to provide more resources and support for these dedicated employees and elected officials, including:

  • Assessing all 102 courthouses to make sure employees have safe workplaces and that they have the resources they need to ensure better service for the public.  
  • Establishing a paid parental leave policy that allows employees eight weeks of leave so they can spend those precious first weeks at home with their babies.
  • Conducting a comprehensive, detailed review of our budget and priorities, realigning resources to be sure our courts are operating as efficiently as possible.

Cheri Beasley has been on the bench for more than 20 years, and before that she was a public defender. She believes passionately in having an independent judicial branch that administers justice fairly. But she also knows the courts can play an important role in helping people better their lives.  That’s why she’ll continue working to make our court system more transparent, fair and accessible for every North Carolinian.